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Month: March 2010

Rainpocalypse 2010…

To give everyone an update on Casa de Bentley:
Pumps have been going 24hrs and the water level hasn’t gone anywhere. The rain has stopped and judging from the walk around this morning the ground is drying out.
Warwick’s Sewage Treatment Plant was shut down around 2pm on Tuesday. Surprising still had dinner at Dave’s Bar and Grill last night.
Judging from the sightseeing photos popping up on Facebook, Twitter, Turnto10 and Projo.com I’m not missing anything while staying home from work. The lists of road closing and part of 95 N/S would have been made impossible to get to work.
And, to think I was supposed to start telecommuting to work tomorrow.
The war stories standing in line for the iPad should be interestng…

October of '05…

In October of ’05 was an interesting month.
The weather opened up and the flood conditions were rampant.
Mopping out the apartment for nearly twenty-four hours, the water level outside had about a half inch more and it would have been coming through the front door.
So, one move and four years later, lo and behold I come down into the basement and its kiddy pool. I have fond memories of walking around the basement clad in bread bag galoshes a decade or more before.
The basement is dry now.
The weather forecasted is not.

Draft Zero War…

I decided sometime during NaNoWrimo 2009 that I needed to finish one of my many half baked novels.
And, since SDCC 2010 is my vacation/thank god I’m done with school, one of my projects will be to finish a complete draft of a novel with the end result of sending to an agent. If Stephanie Myer can unleash the hell that is Twlight upon the unsupecting world then so can I. Hopefully with less sparkles.
To keep things interesting and on my toes I tapped my old word war pal from NaNoWrimo and sed: Ya wanna? She said sure. She’s the one in my NaNoWrimo Counter that wrote 150k words in November.
So, April 1st is when I plan to start while using these two weeks as prep time. If you see posts labeled DZW with a counter then that’s boring update post. If anyone else wishes to join in as well, the more the merrier. I’ll throw together some icons during the prep time.
It should be noted that Script Frenzy continues to thrive and kicks off April 1st, I wish everyone good luck with that.
While all that goes on the other project will be to get the online portfolio site completed…

Remember, remember, the 18th of March…

The 18th of March will be a day that will live for quite some time.
First, it’s the last day for my Associates Degree in Graphic Design from New England Institute of Technology.
And, it was the day hotel reservations opened for the huddled masses going to San Diego Comic Con. At noon the gates opened. At four minutes after I entered my twelve hotel options, they said they’d email me and I happily went to lunch along with several other thousands Nerds going to Nerd Prom 2010 (not my moniker, Warren Ellis‘s.)
Little did anyone of us know that the Twitter Hashmark of #SDCC would become our only link to what has become the biggest fubar in history.
The instructions said two to three hours so by four thirty I left for work for my last class and during dinner, class (all A’s, happy dance begins) and afterwards continued to check my email until ten thirty at night an email came in. I did get one of my twelve choices. It was reasonably priced and it was just seven miles away.
Seven miles?
The happy dance stumbled a bit. Along with several others across Twitter. You know it’s bad when the customer brandies about the words: Better Business Bureau.
Okay, so it was hundred less than those close by so that saved me twelve hundred off the room. And, then I checked out the reviews after a Twitter post got me thinking. It was then I went to Travelocity and other sites to find an alternative. Nope, anything within a fifteen block radius was sold out and those that weren’t had jacked up their prices for that week almost by double. Even Craigslist did not hold out any hope, then I swung by Google and typed in bed and breakfasts.
You know that Church Scene in The Blues Brothers? Course you do. And, if you don’t, you really do need to get out more.
Yep, that happened, minus the backflips. It’s against Call Center policy.
And, sometime on Friday afternoon everything was confirmed and I’m walking distance from the Convention Center. Course this sweet spot will be for naught in the future if SDCC actually moves. The drumbeat to move then con to either LA or Anaheim is getting louder and louder. Personally, SDCC will always be SDCC this isn’t a Wizard World Con after all.
Wondercon is looking really good for next year cuz I’m gettin’ too old for dis.