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Draft Zero War…

I decided sometime during NaNoWrimo 2009 that I needed to finish one of my many half baked novels.
And, since SDCC 2010 is my vacation/thank god I’m done with school, one of my projects will be to finish a complete draft of a novel with the end result of sending to an agent. If Stephanie Myer can unleash the hell that is Twlight upon the unsupecting world then so can I. Hopefully with less sparkles.
To keep things interesting and on my toes I tapped my old word war pal from NaNoWrimo and sed: Ya wanna? She said sure. She’s the one in my NaNoWrimo Counter that wrote 150k words in November.
So, April 1st is when I plan to start while using these two weeks as prep time. If you see posts labeled DZW with a counter then that’s boring update post. If anyone else wishes to join in as well, the more the merrier. I’ll throw together some icons during the prep time.
It should be noted that Script Frenzy continues to thrive and kicks off April 1st, I wish everyone good luck with that.
While all that goes on the other project will be to get the online portfolio site completed…

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