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Day: April 10, 2010

Doctor Who: Mini Non Spoiler Review of The Beast Below…

After a long episode of the Eleventh Hour we come to a standard run time for a Doctor Who Episode, written once again by Steven Moffat entitled: The Beast Below and like other seasons before it, the Doctor and Amy end up in the Far Future on the Starship UK traveling throughout space but there are problems afoot (aren’t there always) and children are in danger (hide behind the couch, kids!) and it has something to do with the Beast Below.
The upside to this episode: Much better special effects than last week I thought and there is no villain like last week per se. The set designs, costume pieces and overall story arc is great I thought. It’s nice to see something refreshing in Doctor Who rather than re-hashing all villains. Amy was more of the focus this week than the Doctor since the plot focused on her actions more than the Doctors. And, next week’s episode was mentioned before the credits which I don’t think I seen before.
Overall, a good episode with next week being the return of those lovely pepper shakers of doom (love’em or hate’em).