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Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks – Spoiler Review…

The Daleks.
During the Blitz!
Working for Winston Churchill!
Oh, and we’re going to give them iPod colors, too!
At least three of those four sentence sounded like a good idea. Can you tell which one doesn’t belong?

The Daleks are to the Doctor what the Borg was to the Enterprise. And, for the most part haven’t been seen since the end of Season 4 when Devros and his fleet escaped the lock on the Time War and captured several planets across different centuries in order to wipe out the Universe. Yeh, when the Daleks arrive they never think small.
In Doctor Who, you have several different types of episodes: The Earth episodes, the space episodes, the history episodes and then the Dalek episodes. All four of those types of episodes were used tonight and most of the time they worked. Except when the Daleks were revamped and given, colors. Yes. Like iPods. Yes. CMYK Daleks. The Emperor Dalek in Season 4 wasn’t so bad on the eyes but when you roll out, red, yellow, blue, orange and white sans Steve Jobs it takes you out of it. I don’t know why they made them bigger but the Daleks need to go Weight Watchers.
I didn’t mind the Camo Daleks, didn’t mind the shiny black metal ones either. But, I hope to heck they change things, like the opening.
The Anti-Grav Spitfires (?) were perfect going up against the Dalek UFO.
Overall the episode was better than the 2 parter from Season 3 in Manhattan but not overall great since it’s history trappings didn’t let it explore more like the first season 2 parter Empty Child/Doctor Dances both written by now head writer Moffat.
The running big bad plot like Bad Wolf in Season 1 is cracks. Cracks in the fabric of space and time. Enough so, they are appearing everywhere but so far the Doctor and Amy have yet to actually see them. Hopefully, it’s something interesting. Saving the Universe does get boring once you successfully pull it off every season. Amy doesn’t remember anything of the last few seasons i.e. Daleks, Cybermen or planets in the sky. This doesn’t bode well.
Good news is next week: River Song! Weeping Angels! Don’t blink!

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