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iPad, Doctor Who and Rainpocalypse 2010…

This post will ramble a bit, so it’s behind a cut…
So after 72hrs of having the iPad, what’s the verdict?

The verdict is:
If you’re looking to replace your laptop on those hot summer nights after sitting with it on your lap then you’re in luck.
If you’re looking for a workhorse to replace your laptop then you’re out of luck.
If you’re looking for a tablet computer that will check eMail, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, Movies via iTunes or Netflix and able to read PDF files than you’re in luck.
If you’re looking for a tablet computer to take pictures and video chat you’re out of luck (at least until the Revision B’s arrive and we all know they will)
If you’re looking for a tablet with Wi-Fi Acess you’re in luck.
If you’re looking for a tablet computer with a 3G/4G antenna that will automatically connect to your cell services and use up your 3G/4G bytes you’re out of luck.
And finally if you’re looking for a e-book reader in full color then you’re in luck.
If you’re looking for an e-book reader with a mammoth library like Amazon then you’re out of luck. (at least for now)
So overall, is it worth the $499 while others eBooks are half that?
The verdict is I’m glad I woke up at 6am, arrived at the Mall by 8, shocked at the fact the Sony Store was dead, stood in line for an hour, was the 15th-16th person to get one and got out of the store in less than 20 minutes. I’ve already managed to blow through $75 worth of iTunes Gift Cards on mostly books and 1 or 2 Apps.
I’m glad I held off on buying any of the other eBook readers (Sony eBook, Kindle, Nook) since this is the one I’ve been waiting for.
Now, in a year there will be a Rev B with all the widgets and gizmos we wanted in the Rev As. I’m perfectly fine with that. We all know the product cycle. So don’t complain about the product cycle. We all know they’re fix the kinks and offer more space in the coming models just like the ipods/iphones/itouch that came before.
As for the Apps I’ve been using and all links will open iTunes, btw…
Twitteriffic is great.
AIM is even better with rich photographic backgrounds to choose from.
Facebook is noticeably absent. This is scary because every single person I talked too said: Really? Yep.
Weatherbug is perfect.
iBooks is perfect.
Netflix is perfect. Streaming was fine. And, thankfully more streaming movies on the way.
Radio.com is nice since AOL Radio hasn’t been ported over yet.
Pandora looks good.
Comic, iVerse and Marvel Comics Apps are just the beginning.
Goodreader is a great PDF/Image reader.
Moving on to the other big event on Saturday: Doctor Who with Matt Smith. At first there was a lot of hesistation with a actor who looked so young and so did Karen Gillian from the trailers. But, after seeing the first episode I have to say everything is going quite well. The only two things I had problems with was the boring opening, the redesign of the logo I did not mind but the music and SFX just wasn’t head bobbin’ like before and some of the SFX were downright subpar. Beyond that, a good outing.
Lastly, last week at this same time, the water was starting trickle into the basement and by morning I had roughly 3″-4″ of rain and no one ever thought that Warwick Mall would be underwater. Now, it’s sunny skies, 70s, Del’s Lemonade is open, people are still pumping out their basement and there’s trash filling trash containers. Among the debris of course are rugs and you look at the rugs then look at the houses they’re coming from and wonder: Whatever possessed you to get that color?

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