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Month: May 2010

Guillermo del Toro leaves The Hobbit…

The disturbance in the force you felt was not another remake or the next trailer of Scott Pilgrim VS. The World (which hopefully by tomorrow will drop once they get the 100k fans on their Facebook Page) but Guillermo del Toro leaving the plagued production of The Hobbit.
After two years of hearing about how things were then weren’t progressing and seeing other remakes or stupid sequels get denied it’s unfortunate to see a great director leave what could have been a great film. It just means, I have to move the book up a slot to read next on my reading list.
de Toro has proven he get direct both foreign along with Hollywood Blockbusters. I’m glad his plate is full enough so we’ll see more from him shortly.
But, I think I can speak for Paul C when I say if we don’t get more Selma in Hellboy 3, we gonna have words…

4mins worth of Knight and Day…

At first I thought The Killers and Knight and Day was going to be this years brawl like A Bug’s Life VS. Antz or Armageddon VS. Deep Impact.
So, after seeing 4 mins I have to say, looks pretty good.
I’ve seen worse, like Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever worse.

LOST thoughts…

So. Lost is over.
The TV watcher part of me is happy; the writer part of me is annoyed (along with everyone else.)
The TV watcher is happy is glad to almost of our LOSTies got a happy ending.
The writer falls with the all be moaners about the Lost Writers dumping what had been becoming a lovely building mythology for the island out the window in favor for one plot line: The Man in Black wants off this merry go round!