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Doctor Who: Cold Blood Review Spoilers…

My brother said he thought Doctor Who hit their stride in last weeks episode. I tended to agree until tonight’s episode.
By the end of the credits I complete agreed with him.

Story lines about an ongoing War tend to be boring if you focus on it.
Story lines leading up to a War as the tensions builds between both sides so long it’s pulled off properly can be a nail biter. There were no massive armies or special effects in this two parter it was simply about people and the events they caused.
It will be interesting to see if the Doctor and Co come back to Earth in 3000 AD to see the Silurians, Robert Pugh and Meera Syal again. It would be nice since both characters did leave an impression.
The cracks in time appeared in this episode and we have more pieces of what may have caused the universe to get all of these cracks: The complete destruction of a TARDIS.
Yeh, starships are one thing, planets are fine, but a TARDIS?
Whoops doesn’t quite cover it. Along with labeling the Season Finale “The Big Bang” is not helping! Although seeing Rory played by Arthur Darvill listed for The Big Bang helped.
I say a TARDIS because we don’t know if it’s someone elses or not. The way this ongoing plot has been going people are being erased from time. And, one must now wonder if River Song is to blame or someone else more devious. If RTD can ring the “you’re last Time Lord” bell for 3 years I’ll ring my “The Master is alive and kicking” bell.
So Rory. Rory, Rory, Rory. Meet Adric, Adric meet Rory. Definitely not the tin dog.
I sure hope the Van Gogh episode isn’t lame, to come off a great two parter for a drab history episode…

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