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Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone Review…

That’s all I got for this week’s episode.
Amy getting blinded by the Angels and having to walk around them as they began to move in real time was perfect. The borg-forest was different and not a rock quarry. The control rooms were blasé.
River’s backstory continues to be eluded too which is fine, it’s nice to see the writers putting some thought into characters instead of just killing them off.
The ongoing plot line the cracks in the universe is explained well enough, thankfully the technobabble is kept to a minimum. I wonder if the Time War has to do with the cracks? If the Time War is now sealed tight or if the Master got out? Cuz, only the Master could escape out of the time locked Time War. That last sentence only works in science fiction, try it in a drama and you’d be canceled.
Unfortunately, the Marine Clerics had cannon fodder written all over them before last week’s episode even began. Sure, the lead was given some backstory with Song but not enough.
I’d be a little bit more talkative about it if it weren’t for Amy’s feelings for the Doctor.
I don’t mind the Doctor and River. While River may be regarded by some as the worst character ever, I like her, she’s smart enough for the Doctor and is not hopelessly head over heals for him like Rose Tyler and to a small extent where Martha Jones was headed. Donna had the sass and no sexual attraction whatsoever to the spaceman which was a welcome relief.
But Amy, Amy while driven, curious and sassy enough the shark inducing attempt to make out with the Doctor the night before her wedding took me out of it. Now, this brings up a good arguement: Why is Amy shark inducing when Madame De Pompadour or Joan Redfern did nearly the same thing? Because Amy looks like she’s twelve in her current outfit. The whole hero worship thing works but when the hero worship gets into bed then you wince and you don’t won’t your audience to wince. In any other show the scene would have worked but not Doctor Who and especially not in Amy’s bedroom. What the hell were they thinking?
Overall, it was an okay episode, not as good as last weeks.

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