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LOST thoughts…

So. Lost is over.
The TV watcher part of me is happy; the writer part of me is annoyed (along with everyone else.)
The TV watcher is happy is glad to almost of our LOSTies got a happy ending.
The writer falls with the all be moaners about the Lost Writers dumping what had been becoming a lovely building mythology for the island out the window in favor for one plot line: The Man in Black wants off this merry go round!

The slight problem with the Man in Black is he’s Jacob’s unnamed brother (no bullshit unnamed even in the scripts) who after living with his step mom (who incidentally killed his birth mother after he was born) and being spoon fed that he and his brother Jacob would protect the island from the “bad men”, well after a falling out with step-mom about never being able to leave he spent some thirty years with those same castaways until his step mother found out they had built a well to the source of the island and with the use of some sort of donkey wheel they were going to get off this island. Well, she knocked him out, killed them for getting too close to the donkey wheel (still not completely explained since it made it’s appearance when Locke and Ben pushed  it and suddenly moved the island and jumped back into the normal world) only to kill his step mother and then get bitch slapped around Jacob then get dropped into the mystical cave with all glowing light which they were suppose to protect then either turned him into the smoke monster or released a type of smoke monster capable of taking on anyone’s form so long as they’re dead.
Then nothing drastic happens for another two thousand years.
Okay, that’s a massive lie.
So. Where was I? Right, happy ending vs. mythology ending. There’s too much mythology. We’ll just go with the happy ending.
The happy ending brought many tears to people, Vincent sitting down next to Jack while he lay dying while the surviving LOSTies got off this god forsaken island. The amount of bodies that accumulated this season was higher than most almost to a laughable degree. A few characters just summarily dismissed with either dynamite or slash across the neck. Then there were the two who drowned together and it got BBC heavy. BBC heavy is different from USA heavy, BBC heavy will let a main character get their head dunked in a deep fat fryer while USA heavy just maims. I would argue Sayid gets it with the C4 but Frank Lupidus gets it across the face with a submarine hatch and lives. But who cares.
Terry O’Quinn going from good Locke to Flocke was perfect I thought. A villain in the form of a friend is always a good villain.
The flashbacks, those cursed flashbacks stopped, the fun flash forwards stopped, this season we got the side flash, which turned out in the end to be purgatory. Most of the cube mates did not call that one. Even if purgatory was called back in Season 1, purgatory was not on my list. Yep, they’re all dead and one by one touched to remember what happened before and summoned to the church so Christian Sheppard can ferry them into heaven.
Yes. No bullshit. No Sopranos ending here folks. Or just scoff like Kate did at finding out Christian’s name.
I don’t see ABC letting this franchise stop just because the series ended. Sure Star Trek: TNG stopped but we got what, 1 good movie out of 4.
Let’s face it you’d pay good money to see an immortal Hugo and Ben Linus run the island their way with Desmond and Penny enjoying life with her father now very dead. And, let’s not forget about Bernard, Rose and Vincent. It practically writes itself like Rikers in Space.
If there is a LOST Panel at San Diego Comic Con and I would assume there will be one with the last DVD Box Set I will ever own is coming out in August the Q&A session with creators/cast members are going to be worth every minute standing in line.
Course, it’ll be in the same hall as the Twlight Crew, I guess you have to take the good with the bad…
In closing, for those who haven’t seen it, College Humor has compiled a funny video list of not answered questions from LOST…

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