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Month: June 2010

Star Trek II and Star Trek III Special Edition Soundtracks…

The tremor in the oceans of Geekdom was background music from Back to the Future, Star Trek II and Star Trek III have been re-released in Special Edition Soundtracks similar to the Aliens: SE Soundtrack of a few years back.
Yes, more BGM CDs to outnumber my other CDs.
BTTF, Trek II and III are a welcome addition since most of the music found (especially in BTTF case) had never really found it’s way to CD before and the bit torrent copies of the albums were remastered from the movies by taking the dialogue out aren’t even worth your time.
The linear notes in all of the soundtracks really put the booklet in the Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek: Deluxe Edition to shame since the reboot soundtrack while interesting to listen to is a different beast than II and III. It doesn’t even get linear notes.
Giacchinio continues the trend he started with LOST of giving each track a play on words. The tracks themselves are extremely short in some cases, most don’t even peak at five minutes and the entire album is really unremarkable.
To give you an idea, and if you can actually find a copy of it, the Predator Soundtrack is the same way except the music like the film to rememberable.
This is by no fault of Giacchino, I feel, after listening to Season 1 of LOST many of those tracks are rememberable. I think the movie on whole didn’t make a lasting impact and neither will the music. Unlike, say, ST III where everyone loves Stealing the Enterprise.
Overall, BTTF, ST II and III are worth getting and if you haven’t gotten Aliens: SE, it’s worth buying. Giacchino’s Trek SE which was limited to 5000 isn’t worth it, IMHO.
On a side-note, it’ll be interesting to see if the original soundtrack to Predator (limited to 3000 copies(?)) ever gets a bigger release with all of these movie soundtracks getting released, it’s gotta happen sooner or later.
The downside to BTTF, ST II and ST III is there’s currently no way to download them via MP3 and the price of $20+ is a little steep. The upside is the wait for the CDs to arrive is well worth it.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1 Trailer…

I’m too young to remember movies having an intermission.
Personally, if Lawrence of Arabia could have an intermission than so can most epic films these days.
After catching HBP in HD on HBO, I think David Yates did a good job. After the stumble that was OOTP, I’d written off the Potter films and stayed with the books.
Oh, John Williams you are sorely missed.

Doctor Who: The Big Bang Review…

I will keep this light due to spoilers.
Suffice to say The Big Bang was fun. It was cute. It was sad and it had the Doctor saving everyone while sacrificing himself.
There was not a big ole battle or every single villain showing up to kill or exterminate everyone. The results from last weeks “universe collapsing!” is seen and not felt which would have been nice to see the villains phase out of time but I’m guessing the beleaguered SFX budget couldn’t take much more Capt’n.
Instead, it was a quiet finale with the Universe at stake and it did not try to be anything different.
I do hope the budget for the SFX gets a shot in the arm for next season.
Christmas cannot come fast ’nuff…

Quonset Air Show this weekend!

The Quonset Air Show is upon us! Ha za!
With even a shorter list of acts this year! Boo.
Suffice to say, time to charge those camera batteries, get out the suntan lotion, hats, dark glasses, comfortable walking shoes and folding chairs.
I did actually see someone bring a step ladder two years ago to bypass the crowd line.
My Flickr account will be updated once the photos have been processed.
On a separate note: Check out the Quonset Museum Website designed by NEIT Alumni Derrick Mong, having taken many a class (including many that went to…gah, 1045pm) with Derrick I can say whole heartily he is good people.

RED Trailer….

Yeh, “adapted” from Warren Ellis‘s book of the same name. He’s mentioned it more than once in his blog. But…
Helen Mirren with Sub/Light Machine/Sniper Rifles.
The rest of Willis, Malkovich, Freeman, Parker and Urban is just icing of glee.