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Doctor Who – The Pandorica Opens Review

So, with one episode to go we manage to get every single enemy the Doctor has ever faced into the last ten minutes without turning it into…well, let’s just say it, without it turning it into a Russell T. Davis script.

The use of Time Travel went extremely well in this episode and was a fun game of: Where’s the Doctor and how do we get his attention again if he doesn’t pick up his phone?
And, seeing old favorites from this season was as most of the fans are gleefully typing away across the nets a great idea. Yes, more Liz 10 and River would be awesome. Costume department did a nice job on River this episode, very Han Solo by way of Hoth.
The fact the Moffat put together his own Sinister Six from the Doctor Who rogue’s gallery was a great idea even if we had to put up with the Skittle Darleks.
How to trap the Doctor? That is what’s it is all about. I was slightly annoyed the Master didn’t come waltzing out but that’s what you would expect. Instead, it was a trap from the get go. And reasonably well made too: cull information of Amy’s memories, strand the Doctor by hijacking his ride, separate him from his companions and then close the trap just as the Universe is about to explode.
On the whole, the Pandorica Opening, the cracks in the Universe is relatively low on the story arc scene like Bad Wolf was. I’m happy it wasn’t like over topness of the whole “let’s see how many Doctor Who secondary characters can we fit?” in Stolen Earth/Journey’s End.
My brother mentioned it had a lovely LOST ending (moving music + montage = a LOST ending) and I have to agree. It was a great ending.
Now, where the hell is the trailer for next week?

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