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Doctor Who: Vincent and The Doctor – Review…

Well, it wasn’t exactly a snooze fest for this historical episode, in the same vein as The Unquiet Dead, the Doctor and Amy fresh from the fact Rory is no more have gone to two other places before arriving at a museum to view works by Vincent van Gogh.
Bill Nighy would have been perfect casting as a leader of an alien species but instead he gets a bit part that is and plays it rather well along with Tony Curran playing the aforementioned Vincent van Gogh.
Looking back on historical episodes, Quantum Leap’s episode with Sam’s swish cheesed brain giving Stephen King inspiration this historical episode handled the monster of the week rather well: No one can see it except van Gogh and the Doctor once he gets a lovely steampunking contraption from the TARDIS. The theme about battling your own demons was not lost: Only you can see them.
For a children’s show this is the 3rd historical figure to die sometime after the Doctor and a companion meet them and it’s handled well.
Croatia fresh from faking Italy is now faking for Paris. Vancouver your days are numbered! The TARDIS plastered with broadside ads was perfect and a nice nod to Bad Wolf.
Overall, beyond a few things about Rory being missing in the over scheme of things this episode was nowhere near the gut punch last weeks episode was and that’s for the best.
Sometimes you need to take a breather before jumping back into the deep end. This was episode ten and with three episodes to go before the end I glad it wasn’t boring.

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