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June's Draft Zero Update…

Welcome to June’s first Draft Zero Update.
A brief background: Draft Zero is a draft I started back during NaNoWrimo 2009 while working and going to school full time. I decided it was high time to finish one of my drafts and put ass in seat in April since I was done with school.
And then Rhode Island got flooded at the beginning of April and put everything on hold.
General synopsis of the draft: Science Fiction/Action/Adventure involving magic, mechs, cats, bats and more. All of which I hope without Star Trek technobabble.
Overall, I’m happy where things are headed with the draft. I’ve been burst writing here and there, leaving it for a few days going back in, correcting spell checks and such.
Currently, I am around page 75. The 37k on the counter in the sidebar will be encompasses the 75 pages and the draft pages from NaNoWrimo integrated back into the novel sooner or later. I have a general idea where the book is going while I’ve sketched out additional books in what could be a series I am keeping this book stand alone for now.
Once I get finished I will need some beta readers beyond the usual suspects so if anyone is interested drop me a line.

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