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Day: July 8, 2010

SDCC Programming for Thursday is available…

Lo and behold the SDCC Program Listing for Thursday has appeared, Friday drops tomorrow and so on at 9am PST.
After all the hotel shenanigans that happened this year, I happy to see SDCC taking a big step forward with the programming and partner with Sched to bookmark which programs you want to go to and allowing for prints outs/iCal Calendars. This saves scanning down pages and pages looking for the panel.
Check out here for linking up with Sched. The linking to Facebook/Twitter/Linkdin was painless and even imported my Twitter icon.
The only downside is there isn’t a Sched App for SDCC, yet. Judging from the App Store there isn’t a general Sched App but more of one customized for a specific event. So maybe a SDCC Sched App is on the way.
Judging from Thursday looks like Hall H is the place to be if you want full exposure to the big panels like Tron, RED, Whedon, Abrams and Scott Pilgrim. This should make Thursday interesting since the last panel I actually made it to was the Farscape panel back during first season before Chiana was introduced.
Just a word of warning if you do go the iCal route, the hours of the panels will need to be changed to PST.