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Day: July 20, 2010

SDCC: Day Zero…

So, after a 5am wake up call, the Airport Taxi was actually 5mins early, I managed to successfully managed to get through the 6AM security line at TF Green. Even saw one of the old Atomic Comics Crew in line.
The great news was I was in Group A and managed to get a window seat on both flights. And, I managed to break out the iPad, plug it into the keyboard mount and get some writing done.
The bad news was both flights were full. Memories of going to Screenwriting Expo many years ago were vague enough that I forgot about how cramped a 737-700 can be.
Thankfully no screaming kids and managed to have a seat mate that was a graphic design major and going to the Con too.
I’ve been posting pictures here and there on Twitter/Flickr but judging from the route we took but I think we flew over the dullest parts of the USA either that or the cloud cover obscured it all. I think I’ll take isle seat on the way home.
I haven’t flown anywhere in a while so the quick hop to BWI wasn’t so bad, the 5 hour bus trip to San Diego with no Internet Connection just shows you: 1. How addicted we are to the interwebs and 2. If the Virgin America can get Wi-Fi then so can SWA.
After the horrible attempt at getting hotels, I’m extremely happy with the accommodations I found on-line. No, I’m not dropping names, I found it first and so long as Comic Con stays in San Diego, I’ll be rebooking for next year.
Badge pick up isn’t until 3pm, so it’s either the Zoo or the Aircraft Carrier Aviation Museum for me tomorrow morning . . .