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Day: July 22, 2010

SDCC: Preview Night and Day 1

Preview Night: Grabbed passes and went back to the room. Standing in waiting line for 3 hours did not appeal. By the time I got my act in gear I decided to skip preview night and went to dinner instead. High over cast and no sign of the sun.
Day 1: So far consisted of waiting in line for Hall H which did not disappoint. The line started behind the convention center and somehow we managed to get it. Thankfully it was overcast and even some drizzling rain.
The Megamind Panel was not a complete disaster since Will Ferell was in full costume. Tina Fey carried the panel while Jonah was fine. The star of the panel was the life sized cardboard cut out of Brad Pitt. If it wasn’t for that cut out the entire panel would have been a disaster.
The Tron Legacy Panel turned out extremely well with Patton Oswalt MCing the event. The cast was in attendance and I have to say Jeff Bridges is going the way of Beau. Eight minutes worth of a scene was shown and it looks good. Q+A happened with the last question from a Mini Unibomber (I wish I could take credit for the moniker but can’t) asking how Mister Bridges like Disney rebooting Tron.
After the Q+A there was audience participation which consisted of us chanting several lines of Dialogue and stomping our feet. So, when Legacy does arrive in December and you hear either: Disc Fight or Dee Rez. That was Hall H.
The new trailer is up over at Yahoo Movies. After the panel ended, several things happened afterwards: Captain Jack Sparrow gave us a heads up about Stranger Tides and G. Del Toro came out to announce he is producing/writing/directing (?) Haunted Mansion. The amount of hats he is wearing for this movie is up in the air.
Returned to the room to recharge phone now planning next move: Hall H maybe be a lost cause. The lines involved and the sun is now out. So a swing through dealer’s room then maybe dinner at House of Blues with Revision 3 guys then Serenity Screening with California Browncoats….