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Day: July 26, 2010

SDCC Day Five…

Yes, getting your fuzzy butt back home after SDCC counts as a Con Day.
Managed to get into San Diego Airport sometime after 6am. The TSA Line was shorter than TG Green. The highlight of standing in line was I was wearing a Can’t Stop the Serenity 5th Annual T-Shirt when one of the TSA’s recognized Serenity.
Flying from one airport to another you notice a few things: Like Borders and there’s not a Dunkin Donuts in sight. Although, I did like the Free Wi-Fi at San Diego.
The full flight from San Diego to Baltimore was non-eventful. No one praying the rosary all the way. Although the Contractors behind me talking about Darpa on the way back was interesting.
Baltimore’s Airport is rather interesting in the fact once you get to Concourse A you need to get to B or vice versa. This is by no means anywhere near as creative as changing Concourses in Chicago.
Baltimore to Manchester was going swimmingly until the passengers started connecting the dots and wonder how we were getting from Manchester to Providence when one of the Flight Attendants corrected herself.
To which I tried to explain to my seat mate we’re actually landing in Warwick. The same seat mate that was reading a life insurance book cover to cover.
At least we didn’t land at Quonset that would have been fun for a larf.
BTW, anyone thinking of going next year: July 20th-24th…