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Asgard, the Corps and Amazons…

This week has seen a great deal of moving and shaking in the comic world.
Ed Norton is no longer mild mannered Bruce Banner, Mark Ruffalo is being heavily courted if you believe the funny pages.
Asgard’s finest and in Loki’s case, worst were put on display for the first time.

And, The Green Lantern made the cover of EW just in time for SDCC.

In the case of Asgard, seeing Hannibal the Cannibal missing an eye and zipped up like a can of sardines leads me to ask the question: Sir Anthony I hope you asked for a lot of money to be trussed up like that. The design could be a lot worst I suppose. Having not been a reader of any of the Thor books except the Ultimates when Hitch was drawing it I’m not the best to say whether it’s good or bad but it sure beats the hell out of nothing, I guess. The movie doesn’t seem Punisher bad, yet.
As for Mr Reynolds in the CGI suit, I think DC has the right idea in mind. The suit comes from the ring. The ring is alien. So the suit isn’t made in Wayne Industries or Stark Enterprises. It’s different. And, that’s what I think will make this movie different than the rest. Motion Capture worked in Avatar and if done correctly I think it’ll serve Green Lantern well.

The announcement two weeks back of Wonder Woman being rebooted and redesign was met with some criticism.  Personally, it doesn’t look half as bad as many have complained about. Does it take away from the fact she’s a women or the fact the stars and stripes are now less prominent than they were? Nope. In fact, it should quiet complaints about the T&A factor since she’s out of the unitard. Too bad about the boots aren’t a tad more biker. It could have been worse, have you seen what She Hulk is wearing lately, bleh. And, don’t even get me started when Ghost Rider went from the leather to the neon red.
Yep, she’s got pants and a jacket from the ’90’s. And her origin has been rebooted, again.
I think I’ve stayed away from mainstream comics because of the event books and the reboots. Starman stands out in my mind, I hopped on James Robinson’s title just in time for issue 1 and followed it until Starman went into space aka the Magical Mystery Tour until I gradually lost interest. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend tracking down the trades, Robinson and artist Tony Harris was great stuff.
Wonder Woman doesn’t lose anything if she changes outfits for a year or less. Remember, changes in the comic world never ever last long. Sure, Captain America was assiminated (yes, I know speeled that wong). Supes went back to being Supes after his death and the Bruce Bayne is being brought back from the past sooner or later. Even, Parker and MJ may be getting back together after their marriage was dalarted by Mephisto.
Out of the Trio (Bats, Supes and WW), Diana’s origin and history may be at the heart of her character but for the life of me I can’t name any of her rouges gallery, her friends or her island. Now, that’s nothing against the character, the writers or greek mythology majors. We can even ignore any of the fetishes the original creator had in mind. To put it bluntly, Diana has no Joker and if I can’t pronounce her Island then a ten year old can’t either. If this change makes her more in the vein of Promethea and less forgettable, than I think it’s a good thing.

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