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SDCC 2010 Programming ramblin'…

So, with the four days worth of panels now posted, let’s see what we have.

A lot from the looks of it. There’s a reason why this is my graduation present to myself. It may cost an arm and leg but in the end this convention is the apex of everything I enjoy. Comics, movies, television and video games.
The one difference this year: No table. This is both good and bad. The good news is I can actually go to panels. The bad news is: No exhibitor badge to get past the lines.
The sheer amount of panels available to one is really too much. More than a few twitter peeps have been groaning about conflicting panels. This brings up a good point: Time for Comic-Con to be kicking and dragging into the Twentieth-First Century and broadcast and/or podcast these panels.
Obviously there’s no need to broadcast the screening footage (the fans can post jerky cell phone footage later, we all survived on 1 year worth of bootleg Tron Legacy Test Footage) let’s just focus on the panels and the Q+A.
Yep, that’s a tall order but I’m sure there are plenty of AV Geeks out there with enough equipment to cover all the panels.
Screenwriting Expo put together DVDs of their panels and sold them for $19.95.
The price point is a little on the high side but think about how much these fans spend already. Hell, forget the DVD, open talks with Apple so iTunes can be the depository for every single panel. Special rate for those attendees who went and so on. Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch about Apple’s wall garden argument what I’m looking for is ease of use. And, that’s ease of use in my Apple Cultist eyes. As a side note, if they made Xbox Live available for streaming or in some portable state (I mean tablet not a netbook) I’d recommend them as a depository as well.
As much as fan videos on Youtube may be great. The lack of “official” videos or podcasts is unfortunate for such a long running convention.
Besides, if Phoenix Con can post podcast of their panels then so can SDCC.
Nothing except pilot previews for 3 hours. And wandering con floor with a map, a torch, a sherpa and a signal flare.
I think extending Wednesday to honest to god full Con Day might help with these panels congestion.
Wednesday night is a good night for one thing as well: Recon. For some of us who haven’t been to Con in eh, 7 years, time to get a general lay of the land. Sure the maps might help but add on the weight of whatever gear you’re bringing in with you then add the traffic and the sheer amount of fans.
There’s a reason why they had a bag check for $2.
Or, worst case, walk back to the Hotel, drop the loot and go back in for more. Yes, I know, it’s called exercise. It’s good for you.
If you’re looking for the full on Hollywood has invaded Comic-Con and made my small comic con into Sho West then Thursday begins and ends in Hall H.
Disney’s Tron Legacy is the busiest and the earliest and I suspect it will be a mad dash to stand in line at Hall H is in all of our futures. This is the one time an exhibitor badge would have come in handy.
RED panel w/ Warren Ellis (the only panel with him on it).
EW panel with Whedon and Abrams. Just an hour of pure geekness.
Universal: Scott Pilgrim.
Twisting Genres in Room 25ABC looks interesting too.
Serenity Screening around 10pm which could probably top the audience we had at the sneak preview in Boston. I have high hopes “Special Guests” means the entire cast.
Stargate: Universe, AMC’s Walking Dead, The Cape, Tanya Huff, Miramax Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, The Joss Whedon Experience, Terra Nova, Pixar Animation Studios, True Blood Panel, Archer and SyFy Night Screening of Eureka and Haven.
Thankfully nowhere near as bad as Saturday.
Chuck Screening, The Event, Family Guy, WB Green Lantern, Sucker Punch and Harry Potter, The Write Stuff, The Guild.
The dreaded 3pm-4pm hour of Fringe Screening, Warehouse 13 and Eureka, Community and Scott Pilgrim Vol 6.
Universal: Paul and Cowboys
Marvel Studios: Thor and Captain America. With the recent new of Ed Norton not reprising his role as Banner, it’s going to be an interesting panel. And, as everyone has already mentioned his message to the fans regarding Hulkgate were very classy.
Human Target Screening conflicts with Hunter Prey which conflicts with Kevin Smith. I guess the good news is Hunter Prey comes out on DVD on the 27th.
It’s Kevin Smith night on Saturday. Having only seen his talks on Youtube I think it might be fun.
Castle Panel with Fillion and Stana. This could be fun if I somehow don’t get into any of the Whedon panels.
Bowncoats Fan Group meet up.
Digital Age of Comics
Comic Con Talkback.
Monday: Leave at 8am. Bleh. Get back by 5pm and collapse.
Tuesday: Decompress and download pictures.
The only problem remains now is once you add or subtract panels from your schedule you had to re-download them to iCal.
The whole “you can download to the mobile device” is rather misleading since there isn’t a physical App, maybe next year?
Now, the question comes to mind: What days do I flake off and go see the sights…

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