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So with San Diego Comic Con now only two weeks away. . .

I thought it would be good to post some links regarding people’s advice about handling SDCC.
SDCC was in previous years was somewhat manageable.
Nowadays it’s gotten ten times worse with tickets selling out, the reservation system was a trip through at least one to two levels of Hell and for some reason a group of Doctors decided to hold their convention at the same time. And, let’s not forget the constant: “We should move the Con outta San Diego!” Vulture.

My only pieces of advice may sound vaguely familiar because, well, all the SDCC Survivors have been doing this for long enough everyone has this down to a science.

Check out the San Diego 10-Day Forecast before you pack. Sure it says 60-70 but remember: You’ll be waiting in lines outside.

When packing make sure you have all your electronic gear stowed with the AC Adaptors. The closest Best Buy is laughably too far away. Horton Plaza is your only hope.

Get there a day early, leave a day late and give yourself an extra day on the return to decompress. There is no need to watch the security gates open up at San Diego Airport. I know, you all wanna get home but a 6AM Flight means one thing: You getting to the airport by 4AM to check in. Hence the one extra day.
Plan! Or at least skim the Programming Guide before running out of the hotel willy nilly. I’d post a link to the Programming Guide but I guess it hasn’t been finalized yet? Tick, tock…two weeks to go…
Bathe. Seriously, I shouldn’t have to say it, but I will. Bathe. The con is not going anywhere. Sure, that panel you so desperately should have gotten into the waiting line last night for starts in five minutes and you’re just rolling out of bed. Oh right, forgot…
…get some sleep! Yes, the LAN Party or D&D or Bars are open but a good night sleep is essential to stave off the: Wide-eyed, I just lathered up my pits in Lake de Fabreze, Crazy Fan look.
Wear walking shoes. Not the new ones you just bought two days before but a broken in pair. Expect a lot of lines and a lot of walking. Our first year our hotel was 13 blocks away. Live and learn.
There is no need to buy the over priced food inside. Remember, there’s several Grocery Stores and the entire Gas Lamp District to choose from.
Kansas City BBQ has re-opened. You may now commence your favorite Top Gun Quotes now.
The Zoo is lovely place to go to. Yes, there are places outside the Con. It’s a shocker, I know.
Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum is on the list for this year.
Too bad the Padre‘s aren’t in town. This ruins the age old tradition of going to a sporting event during the Convention.
Expect lines. Lots of them. So bring your iPod or a book (yes, it’s one of those 5×7 things filled with paper and words) or knit or converse with your fellow fans while you update on Twitter and Facebook.
Bring a good camera. Disposable ones don’t count in my book and neither do film cameras only because the ease of use does not out weight the large amount of shitty pictures you’ll get. Most of the cameras of 8 megapixel already so you’ll be getting big pictures anyway.
Did I say it was okay to go outside the Convention Hall?
If you enjoy the beach check out Coronado Island. There is no need to walk the entire length of the Island to get to beach at Hotel Del Coronado.
Swing through the Artist Alley and Small Press Area. Speaking from the other side of the table, it is nice to see people take an interest while the other bigs are showing their stuff.
Get those business cards printed up now. Make sure your contact info is up to date.
Get those portfolios ready. There’s no need to go nuts on the portfolio case, something like this will do in a pinch.
And, if you can’t get a portfolio then create a PDF of it and put it on your iPad. You have two weeks to prep, don’t drop the ball now.
And, finally, be nice to the guests. Don’t lose your head.

Other Guides to San Diego Comic-Con 2010:

Seanne Mcguire’s Guide

Shouting into the Wind.
Planet 715

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