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BBC's Sherlock Mini Review of Episodes 1+2…

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!”

First, thanks to for recommending Sherlock.
The 80’s was good for more than a few things on PBS in the United States:


I had heard about BBC updating Sherlock Holmes and bringing him into the Twentieth-First Century and one can either wince or give it a shot.
Often you will have a good idea but the execution is horrible. Salt and Sorcerer’s Apprentice come instantly to mind. And, personally, for the record I didn’t mind Downey’s Sherlock.

In the case of Sherlock, the first episode (not including the pilot that was shot but never aired) being written by Stephen Moffat, it’s a step forward instead of a step back. There are odd moments when you wonder if Benedict Cumberbatch playing Sherlock is channeling the Doctor all the while the Matt Smith haters are going: This is who should be playing #11!
The century may have changed but murder is still murder and 221B Baker St still exists. John Watson is still a War Vet from Afghanistan (A busy place no matter what century) The heroin addiction is gone to be replaced with nicotine patches. Ms. Hudson almost at their beck and call. Holmes texting, having a website and using computers fits well. Even Mycroft is used as a red herring for someone else whose name begins with an M. Scottland Yard Inspectors hating him and warning Watson off is perfect since Holmes is a bit of a odd nut.
The use of icons or floating text during scenes instead of cut aways or inserting of pictures is not as jarring as one would think. It’s almost a step above reading subtitles never really pulls the audience out of the moment.
The first episode was a good episode with the serial killer stalking London, the second episode with the Chinese Gang was a little bit of a let down. The third episode airs on the 8th and hopefully a second season will be green lit. Personally, I didn’t mind the hour and half episodes format since the writers have managed to give Watson a job and a possible girlfriend in the first two airings and established Sherlock has a network of people he’s helped in the past.
For those in the USA not watching to watch the episode piece by piece on Youtube, looks like Masterpiece Theater will be airing the episodes on October 24, 31 and November.

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