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Day: September 19, 2010

What to Watch on Mondays…

The new season is upon us!
The cable stations shows like The Closer, White Collar and Eureka bowed last week for their midseason finales.
Gah, is this what happens when networks start their shows on time for a change instead of waiting on the World Series?
Monday Night!
8pm- Chuck on NBC – 4th Season premier.
8pm – HIMYM on CBS – 6th Season premier.
9pm – The Event on NBC – Pilot Episode.
10pm – Castle on ABC – 3rd Season premier.
10pm – Chase on NBC – Pilot Episode.
10pm – Hawaii Five-O on CBS – Pilot Episode.
My my, the 10pm is the place to be, eh? Do we start hedging bets on who will win?
I’ve left a great deal out since most of what else is on Mondays does not agree with me or it won’t last. Your mileage of course may vary.
I do hope FX does not put Justified on Monday Nights at 10pm because dem fightin’ words.