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Halo Reach: Deliver Hope Ad…

In the beginning there was Halo and it was fun. No multiplayer but it was fun to play four player with friends, driving Warthogs off hills and such.
Then came Halo 2 with it’s dual wielding, jack banshees and it’s multiplayer lobbies that while were step in the right direction weren’t as customizable as Rainbow Six or COD.
The came Halo 3 and it was more of the same except this time there was a multimedia and level creator. Finishing the game with four friends was probably the best experience I’ve ever had.
Halo Wars came next and it was a change of pace from first person shooter to real time strategy game like Starcraft.
Halo ODST brought us back to time when we weren’t overpowered and struggling to find health packs. A star studded cast that included half the cast of Firefly helped.
Around the time Halo 3 came out the award winning Ads began, Neill Blomkamp’s Halo: Arms Race came along and actually looked like someone could actually make a good video game adaptation without turning it to camp.
So, with Halo: Reach about to drop, I’m torn between the Ads that continue to give us two to three minutes worth of what a Halo movie should look like and a video game that is still stuck in the past with overshields, overjumping and horrible multiplayer lobby set up.
I don’t hold the same the annoyance I do for the odd numbered Call of Duty games, nothing Bungie puts out will ever annoy me as much as COD5.
I will say this though: They do know how to put out a Legendary Edition.

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