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Saturday ramblin'…

This post may be boring so I’m putting it behind a cut.
Managed to get Dead Space, Saints Row 1+2 and Mass Effect 1 at Gamestop for under $60.
Swung by Symposium Books in Providence and used up my birthday present. Someone needs to tell them to put the Young Adult and the “Fiction” closer to the front door and not to put the price stickers in the middle of the covers of graphic novels.
Onward to the boring stuff…

The boring stuff is about finding a place to replace Reflections Cafe on Wickenden St in Providence for the Rhode Island NaNoWrimo Write Ins.

For the past six years we had been going to the Cafe for our Write Ins and sometime in the middle of last November the Cafe owners and the land lord had some sort of falling out regarding who was paying for what and in the end Reflection’s is no more. Experiencing all of this second hand while at school is disconcerting enough.
Unfortunately, in this economy, no one has moved in to any of the buildings For Sale.

I’m not one to snicker at someone else’s misfortune but it’s been empty for nearly a year, what the frack is wrong with your asking price? It’s too bad Panera doesn’t do satellite stores.
Having missed all the “well now where the hell do we go?” walk down to Cafe Zog, I swung by there first and while it was cute and small. It was cute, small and the reviews on yelp aren’t helping. Four tables (2 people each) and three booths (4 people each) and one electrical outlet near the front door.  The porch outside would be perfect but in the middle of November it’s gonna be cold.
Malachi’s was a nice place we found last year and the tables are big enough to seat four people with laptops.
Coffee Exchange while big is too crowded, too cramped and too popular even if there’s enough tables to shake a stick at. I can understand why people go there but dang is it busy. The Porch needs to be enclosed! Enclosed in the winter! They have nice smoothie’s tho. 🙂
Didn’t have time to check Telux but I’m assuming it’s the same from 6 years ago.
Starbucks hasn’t been mentioned since I had a horrible time getting in and out of the parking lot in Providence so I’m not inflicting that much pain on anyone else.
The cafe in Borders at the Mall has enough tables and electrical outlets to suit a group.
Brooklyn Coffee and Tea House looks interesting place and bears looking into.
And, thankfully Panera in Smithfield is big enough too.
Yeh, it sounds like I got all my bases somewhat covered but it’s better to be safe then sorry.
As for the Kick Off Party I’m looking at AS220, Panera or Dave and Busters Event Room. The only reason I looking at big places is because we had at least 25 people at last years Kick Off Write In.
Overall it was a good day. Hope everyone else had a pleasant day.

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