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Day: October 30, 2010

Riese on SyFy…

Riese started as a Web Series and just as I tried to play catch up one day, found out SyFy had picked them up.
SyFy recently started showing them and while I’m glad the station picked them up, I am a little weary about the voice over by Amanda Tapping. Weary not of Amanda Tapping, after playing Samantha “Black Widow*” Carter for nearly a decade her work on Sanctuary has been great.
Weary, due to I cannot stand voice overs and scrolling text.
Episode One:

Episode Two:

* Nicknamed since her character had gone through so many boyfriends in SG:1. On the upside most of them lived to see the end of the series. On the downside the one I enjoyed the most got Manchurian Candidated.