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NaNoWrimo Website has been updated…

Each year it seems to get smother and smother.
NaNoWrimo‘s website has been updated with new icons, message boards have been wiped and you now have 30 days to get some semblance of an idea going before Nov. 1st.
For those who don’t know, NaNoWrimo has a simple mission: Write a 50k “novel” in a month.
The reason I use quotes in because a novel is normally 100k words or so.
This is great time of year to do it since there is the time sucking black hole of a date called Thanksgiving at the end of the month.
With my powerbook still out of commission I’m going to be using my iPad. The keyboard dock is perfect.
My word war buddy decided to do 150k last year. I have no way that much time on my hands so I’m going to try for 100k.
Ignoring the fact I’m at 40k of my draft from last year I’m just going to assume I’ll be finished with the first draft by Halloween.
All in all, NaNoWrimo is a fun 30 days and in the end that’s all that matters.

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