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Day: November 4, 2010

Thursdays Totals…

Orbit Books Blog has a nice post about NaNoWrimo and how 50k is only just the beginning of book if you decide to write a manuscript in the Fantasy Genre.
Today’s Count is:

Tonite’s Write In as expected was just me mostly due to Thursday being a bad night for lot o people. I will say one thing, the Panera in Smithfield ever since they redesigned the tables so there’s one row of tables with built in electrical outlets for every bar stool makes a good Write In Place since most people eating dinner like tables and not the bar stools.
On a side note, I had completely forgotten there was a B+N in the same area as Panera.
Tomorrow Night was supposed to be Malachi’s but I forsee myself taking a Write In Break and staying home to catch up on laundry.
Saturday’s is Warwick Public Library 130-4pm in Room 100.
Sunday is New England Webcomic Weekend.
Hope everyone is doing well and having fun!