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Day: November 16, 2010

Tuesday Night Numbers…

Managed to get the long table again and just in time since we have a lot of people tonite including Grammar Jesus.

The amount of people we had tonite. The guy down in the lower right just comes to watch episodes of Lie to Me. Every. Week.

He will sparkle away you errors. Yeh, dat's write, I sed you errors.

Halfway through NaNoWrimo…

…and I’m only 9k behind of my daily goal. I figure I’ll play catch up over the next week and reach my goal of 100k by the end of the month.
And, most of it is readable, too.
As for it being entertaining to read is going to be another story entirely.
Overall, I was worried about this year. The ML that had been handling RI for several years decided to step down and our primary stomping ground in Providence was shuttered in mid-November last year.
With no school to worry about I signed up for the Co-ML Slot along with Andy and we started hashing out dates and times. Facebook invites went out. The Kick Off came, lots of people showed as always.
The Write Ins themselves have been well attended even into the second and third weeks instead of the normal drop off. The locations for the Write Ins have been fine. The Warwick Public Library was a great addition I feel and we have people attending in Warwick! Yes, I know I keep harping on this but Warwick and Cranston was a dead zone in previous years where most of the Write Ins included myself, Andy, and sometimes our other ML and this year we’ve had 8-9 people at each Write In where as Providence was usually the busiest location.
Thankfully, I’m happy with what I’ve written. There have been a few bumps here and there about plotting but otherwise it’s nowhere near as bad as my Sci-Fi Zombie work in progress that died on the vine around 18k a few years back.
I’ve been using the iPad instead of my broken laptop and it’s gone off without a hitch. Thankfully there are several writing apps to choose from. Sure, there’s no multitasking for music but that’s what my iPod Nano is for. I decided on the iA Writer App after finding it’s upload option to Dropbox to be the deal breaker. Downloading back onto the iMac and pasting it back into the Word Doc is seamless.
So far so good.
Hope everyone else is doing good…