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Day: November 21, 2010

Welcome to Week 4 of NaNoWrimo

(x-posted from my post on the RI Forums)
Welcome to Week Four!
There’s been a change to the schedule for Tuesday.
I’ve decided to drop Borders at Providence Place Mall and relocate to Brewed Awakenings in Johnston. The upside is: More tables, more electrical outlets, more food options, free parking and it’s right off of Rte 295/Rte 6. For anyone coming in from MA, it’s a 10min extra drive. The GPS may steer you wrong, check the Google Map/Street View.
Here’s a list of Write Ins, times and directions:
11/21/10 – Panera Bread in Cranston. 2pm – 6pm or whenever we get sick of each other.
11/23/10 – Brewed Awakenings in Johnston 6pm – 9pm.
11/24/10 – Brewed Awakenings in South County. 6pm – 9pm.
11/25/10 – Yes, there’s a Write In on Thanksgiving! It’s at your own house! Just remember, you see most of these people all the time, there’s absolutely no need to actually eat large amounts of Tryptophan on the one and only day you have the entire day off!
11/26/10 – Brewed Awakenings in Johnston 6pm – 9pm.
11/26/10 – CT Black Friday Write In! – From 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, we will be at Filomena’s Market & Cafe 262 Boston Post Rd, Waterford, CT.
11/27/10 – Warwick Public Library. Room 100. in Warwick. 1pm – 430.
Surge Protector, Stickers and moral support will be available. Back Up Surge Protectors are more than welcome in case if we have an influx of people.
As always pictures I have been taking at the Write Ins can be found here.