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Saturday's Word Count…

Today’s Write In at the Warwick Public Library went extremely well.
Warwick had been one of those areas where, there’d be one or two of us there for a few years.
This year instead of having it at Panera I decided to seek out the meeting rooms at the Warwick Public Library. It was one of places I had looked at last year but by the time November had rolled out the reservations for rooms were already full. On a side note, these meeting rooms were free to use so long as I made a reservation in advance. Oddly enough, when I went looking for alternate location for Borders, two of the libraries in Providence had meeting rooms for a price.
Anyway, the WPL is definitely on the list for the rest of the rest of the month. I’ve put in a reservation for the 27th, the 20th is going to be in The Cafe probably due to another reservation is already down for the 20th.
Our Write In was in Room 100 which is right next to Room 101.
Room 101 had a String Quartet playing.

Overall, had a good turn out, got some words written and had some nice background music.

As for the word count:

Day off tomorrow for New England Web Comic Weekend in East Hampton, MA…

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