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Sunday's Count…

The first Cranston Write In when it wasn’t just myself and Andy! The only downside was that back corner had only one electrical jack and it’s nowhere near that back corner.

One of the funnier moments tonite was talking about our problems and what we were trying to do. Andy was working on creatures that could move across dimensions and making it sound plausable, another was working on end of the world, I’m working on magic creation of a surge protector for Mages-in-Training and one of us is working on making sure she gets the months right on when in ancient Greece they would hold elections.
Only in NaNoWrimo Write Ins do these problems arise.

In other non-NaNoWrimo News:
Here’s a a Zero Punctuation-type of spoiler filled review of Skyline by Jolly Jack, the creator of a great web comic called Sequential Art.

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