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NaNoWrimo has come to a close….

So with NaNoWrimo over for another year, I’ve been posting a few pictures and put them into a Wrimo 2010 Folder. The final pictures of the TGIO party are up.
2009 Folder as sparse as it is.
2006 Folder.
Overall, the month went well, I think. I don’t foresee changing locations at all for next year. The Panera that’s going into Providence Place is great but I think Johnston’s Brewed Awakenings will definitely be a spot for next year. Warwick Public Library worked out perfectly and South County’s Brewed was perfect. I’d love to return to Fox Point at some point, the entire area felt right for writing.
Story wise, I got some good pages out of it, I think. 100k didn’t happen but I think that’s for the best. I’m going to try and prep better next year.
Now going to go back through to finish my WIP from last year.
The good news is after checking out Agent Query Connect I have a better handle on the overview of the story and how many words it should be. Which means the intro chapter I handed out at the TGIO lunch is going to change.
Several questions came up about where all this took place so I’ve gone back through found the maps I had made (yes, carrying around 2 lined + 2 unlined Moleskines is your friend) and will probably re-design them in Illustrator and place a map at the beginning of the manuscript.
So, back to the grind we go…
Game of Thrones Behind the Scenes Video:

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