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So begins the planning for SDCC '11. . .

Well, for those just joining us, here’s how things stand for those who did not manage to get any tickets for SDCC 2011:
SDCC is currently not selling tickets due to the server strain that couldn’t withstand two attempts by Nerd Prom attendees. So, after losing their attempt to free the tickets from the clutches of the Evil Empire, the Nerds have now positioned their rag tag fleet around the small moon of Endor.
Judging from this page, they’re decided to spread out the tickets between 2 vendors and try a test run on Wednesday. The #sdcc tag on Twitter is going to be a lovely place to watch the fireworks just as it was for the great Hotel Fubar of 2010.
On the personal front: my time off from work has been approved and where I’m staying is already booked. So, it just comes down to airline tickets and right now Southwest has the cheapest fares.
I guess it goes without saying the line for the ticket booth for 2012 is going to rival that of Hall H…

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