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Stargate: Universe: Canceled.

Well, shit.
I can tell you where I was when Farscape was canceled. When Firefly and Dollhouse was canceled and now SG:U.
The Twitter SGU List I had set up was full of well wishes to the cast members and reports of them not even being told until they heard about it on Twitter.
You’d think with three Twitter-created shows in development you’d think H’Wood would figured out to tell the cast first then release the bad news.
Personally, SG:U was a fun show. It could do the comedy, human and space action without dumbing it down for the audience.
After running down the healthy Atlantis, SG:U embraced the BSG model of: Oh snap! We’re lost in space! OMGWTFBBQ! It started off to a rocky start even before it began with character descriptions looking like 90210.
In the end, it became a great show that had found itself by the end of the first season.
The second season was throughly enjoyable even if the Eli’s geek in love plot was snuffed out too soon.
There will be no third season unless it’s on DVD ala SG:1.
It’s unfortunate in this day and age that smart Sci-Fi Shows are tossed while rehashes are brought up in the same press tweet, no less.
The good news is least we have 10 episodes left of Season 2 to enjoy next year.

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