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[Plotting About] Synopsis of things…

So, a new year is upon us and how goes the writing?
NaNoWrimo has been over for nearly a month and half, I haven’t looked at either my WIP from 2009 or 2008. This isn’t because I decided to heed several suggestions given by most about dumping it in a drawer for two months and come back to it.
Instead, I found out I needed to introduce the characters better than they had been in my 2008 WIP.
This was an excellent idea: how did our heroes get together? It’s a pilot episode as it were. Introduce them before and hopefully without the Avenger’s Assemble type of shenanigans while laying groundwork for the other novels.
I’m about 33 pages (double spaced) into a synopsis so far, no dialogue per se just putting down scenes that will lead towards the end and then the fateful: “What else are we going to do with our lives?” post-fallout talk and lead into the next book.
So far, I’m finding the synopsis helpful since I’m trying to break the whole: Let’s write by the seat of your pants and see where it takes us! vibe.
While I hammer that out, the sinking of Borders is happening quietly enough. Waldenbooks going under was one thing but Borders? If it happens, we’re left with Barnes and Noble and any of the mom and pop places that are still surviving.
I wondering if Joe Konrath‘s approach to publishing it yourself (obviously once you format it properly and edit the livin’ snot out of it) is worth looking into.
He’s been having several posts from different authors about self publishing over on his blog that’s worth looking into.
His Newbies Guide to Publishing is a good read.
One week until Worcester Writers Meet Up.
Two more weeks until the Rhody Writing Group Meet Up.

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