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Primeval's new season…

When Primeval ended in 2009 it looked like it was going to be forever. Three of the main characters of Abby, Connor and Danny were trapped in the past and the show was canceled.
But, it was resurrected and now is currently on BBC America Supernatural Saturday Nights.
Someone on Facebook asked how it compares to other BBC imports like Doctor Who or Torchwood.
Primeval is what would happen if there was a British version of Jurassic Park. The CGI is well done, the actors sight lines match up, the acting is pretty good and thankfully there’s no screaming children.

The general concept of the series goes like this: Dinosaurs are wandering through worm holes that look oddly enough like the giant multiverse snowflake from a Warren Ellis comic book and oh, yeh and if you go back through a worm hole, change something then the entire future changes.
Over the seasons the plot lines stayed roughly the same: A team of Scoobies is led by Nick Cutter to track down dinosaurs and capture/contain before they run amok all over the UK. Nick’s estranged and missing wife, Helen has been traveling from time period to time period exploring when she isn’t sleeping with Nick’s friend, Stephen. While she seemed to be dancing across the knife’s edge for a bit, she ended up being the primary villain of the series once she shot Nick and decided to end the world.
The show has rotated through cast members before and actor Douglas Henshaw’s exit would only signal one thing: No one in Primeval stays around for long. Douglas’s replacement, Danny Quinn played by Jason Flemyng never returned from the past and last season’s lovely addition of Sarah Page played by Laila Rouass’s exit to join MI-5 was handled off screen with a line of vague dialogue.
The season premier begins one year later: Abby and Connor still trapped in the past and waiting for an anomaly to open while in the present the ARC is now privately funded and we’re introduced to the new Scooby Squad. In the end, Abby and Connor find a way to get home that did not include a Delorean or TARDIS. The only thing missing from the season premier was Hannah Spearritt’s Abby not traipsing around in a dinosaur skins.
This brings up something that even the introduction of Alexander Siddig can’t fix: Wow, this show is vanilla. Sure, it may have been vanilla before, Laila helped last season to balance that out but now it’s a vanilla sundae with white sprinkles and a large dose of whipped cream.
In the end, the show should be easy to follow since the plots and characters are nowhere near as convoluted as LOST.

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