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Review of Showtime's Episodes

The ant-Entourage is what comes to mind after watching the first two episodes of Showtime’s Episodes. And, it comes with Matt LeBlanc, too!
The plot: A husband and wife writer team from a hit UK show are brought over to the Hollywood to watch their baby get the American treatment.
Considering how many shows from the UK are imported and changed this could prove to be great accident waiting to happen since by the first episode one of the head characters is being changed from Mister Dursley-type to Joey.
These types of behind the scenes shows of faux Hollywood usually only work if you have someone to root for. Entourage started off well then Vince and the Crew always seems to come out on top somehow and then turned into a farce.
So far, Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan as The Lincolns are likable and British. Matt LeBlanc comes off well as himself. While some of the locations may remind you of Entourage, like the palace the Lincolns get to stay in they actually explain why which was a nice bit.
The rest of the cast so far are cardboard cut outs, the studio exec w/ the blind wife who has been sleeping with one of his assistants and the Gate Guard (not named Carlton) that constantly forgets who the Lincolns are.
Overall, it was an interesting two episode, hopefully the pace will pick up a bit and the characters will be fleshed out more…

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