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[Book Review] Dreadnought

The third book in Cherie Priest‘s (twitter , LJ), Clockwork Century Universe, Dreadnought has everything in it: The Civil War still raging, flesh eating Mexican Zombies, Texas Rangers, two Zeppelins and two War Trains armed to the teeth.
What’s not to love?
No. Seriously. What’s not to love?

Taking place shortly after the events of Clementine, Dreadnought follows nurse Mercy Lynch through her daily routine of patching up soldiers from both sides of the front in Robertson Hospital in Richmond, Virginia until two letters reach her: First, her husband has been declared dead and the second letter is from out west requests her presence. Sent by friends of her estranged father Jeremiah Swankhammer from Boneshaker has fallen ill.
Her intercontinental trek begins easy enough until the line between the North and South brings down her Zeppelin and after several close calls arrives at a train station to board the armored train of the South known as Dreadnought.  Once on board this battle train she meets several colorful characters and the plot starts to speed up like a figurative locomotive. The Dreadnought is carrying several things the North wants and they will do just about anything to stop it. Could it be what’s in the front car or the well guarded caboose?
Along the way, thanks to some well placed Mexican Inspectors, the spreading of the sap from Seattle has managed to Zombify a group of Mexican Soldiers and sooner or later all the plots meet at the pass with a loud, cold and bloody end.
The only thing this book is missing is the Indiana Jones map and some pictures of daring do. It would have been great to see even if Scott Westerfield‘s Leviathan Series (another steampunk alt. history saga that is a great read) did it. It’s just to immerse the reader even more.
Overall this series has turned out rather well and unlike the Eden Moore books appears to be continuing which I for one is very happy to hear about.
After link: If anyone is looking to read the Tanglefoot chapbook that came with limited number of Clementine books it can be found legally: here.

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