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Day: March 1, 2011

[Plotting About] Welcome to Smarch…

So with one writing group meet up down and now the Providence Writers Workshop behind us, chapter one and two of the wip in progress is getting sharpened page by page.
The good news is after some good feedback from the writing group I backed up a chapter to explain things before jumping into the deep end unfortunately I did too much in the form of an info dump/interrogation scene between the main character and a cop and while it did explain everything it explained too much. So, out went three chapters and chapter one was re-written and the universe is explained in small pieces.
The Providence Writers Workshop that I went to last week at Hotel Providence was not as indepth as it made itself out to be but the amount of writers that showed up that were working on works in progress in almost every single genre out there made up for the fact that our teacher, Joanna Howard was not a stickler for following a pre-planned agenda. To give you an idea of the genres: 2 sci-fi, 1 YA/suspense/mystery, 1 children’s book, 2 genre fiction (1 moonlighting as a screenwriter), 1 urban fantasy and 1 supernatural romance. So, over all we had everything covered.
One of the more interesting things was reading the first chapter of a few different genre books and one of them being Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I’ve only seen the movies so reading the first chapter was off putting only because Philip K Dick style hasn’t been part of my book shelf. Although China Mieville is getting added shortly and probably pick up Orson Scott Card’s How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy.
Lunch both days (included in the fee for the workshop) at Aspire were nice and I’d recommend the restaurant if you’re in the area. And, the valet service (also included in the fee) was quick and easy.
If the workshop happens in the summer I’ll probably attend again and maybe stay overnight at the Hotel, the location and warm weather being two plusses to shell out the money for a room.
Overall, it was busy last week of February, happy things have calmed down and the wip is still chugging along…