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Day: March 5, 2011

[Plotting About] Stellar Cartography and you…

One of the questions that the writing workshop was how did I envision the world: Easy Sci-Fi, Medium or Hard Sci-Fi?
Now in my mind it goes like this:
Stupid, Easy, Medium and Hard. Stupid being the current incarnation of V. Easy being Farscape, Firefly, Star Wars, Fifth Element. Medium-ish-sorta being Alien/Aliens and Hard being 2001.
I decided to go with medium. Medium to me is: No sound in space, no Star Trek inertial dampeners, Alien/Firefly lived in ships and trying to stay away from Hyperspace/Warp/Light/Ludicrous Speed as much as possible.
So, I scribbled some notes and decided to break open Illustrator and start on a “map”.