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Day: March 12, 2011

The iPad 2 Gauntlet…

The last time I stood in line was for Rolling Stones tickets…
When you join a cult like Apple the pamplet does not explain to you that standing in line for something you could easily purchase on-line and wait to arrive in the mail is an experience.
This is the fourth time, I’ve stood in line at the Apple Store at Providence Place Mall for something: First, when the store opened. Second, iPhone 3, Third, iPad 1 and now the iPad 2. I pre-ordered the iPhone 4 and got it a day early. Since the store opened the line security has gotten better and after surviving Hall H at last years San Diego Comic Con, the line for iPad 2 at Providence Place Mall was not that bad.
Hey, they gave us free water and snacks, we were happy lill’ cult members.