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Day: April 19, 2011

[Plotting About] An update…

We had 18 people at the Worcester Writers Meet Up tonight. Thankfully, unlike last week, we had a long enough table to pull it off.
And, damn is parts of 146S are dark on a rainy night. I mean there are long stretches with no lights, anywhere.
You know you’re about to hit civilization when you see the beckoning beacons of the gas station/Dunkin Donuts appear on the horizon.
In writing news, I think I’m happy with the first two chapters of the manuscript I’m been hammering out for the last few months.
Managed to get through one of the page by page crits from one of the groups and I decided to split Chapter One in two. 50 pages for chapter seemed just a bit too much. So two chapters of the salvage operators known for now as the Reynolds and Chapter Three entitled “Fallout” needs work since it entirely too short.
The new chapter four (the old chapter two) is gonna be moved forward since I think I’m going to stick with the Reynolds for a few chapters and shift the focus back to our other main character which we’ll call Spencer.