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Day: April 28, 2011

X-Men: First Class US/International Trailers…

Thanks to Ain’t It Cool News for posting a link to the X-Men: First Class International Trailer.
I’ve made mention in the past that many times the International Trailers differ a great deal from their US counterparts. This trailer really does give me hope that maybe this film won’t suck. A few mutants appear to be new while a few are missing but I guess Bobby Drake aka Iceman is holding out for a spin off?
Overall, if this is the reboot the X-Men Franchise needs than so be it, X-Men 1 and most of 2 were good movies while X3 and Wolverine were easily forgettable which is unfortunate but I guess every movie franchise has to have their own Temple of Doom/Alien 3/Terminator 3.
I’d post the Transformers 3 trailer that dropped today but I was more impressed with the trailers for 1+2 than 3. 3 is still on Earth. Why is 3 still on Earth? Why not Cybertron? Why not greenscreen it like 300? Why not something new?
US Trailer

UK Trailer