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[Doctor Who Review] Day of the Moon

This is kicking the Romans out of Rome.”
That’s all I got for this episode.
A few great scenes with characters, a few good set pieces and a few: WTF moments at Amy Pond’s life. And, the last ten seconds was: WTFOMGBBQ
But, let’s go back to the beginning: When we last left our heroes they were in a warehouse looking for the girl who called President Nixon.
This episode reminded me of something I hated about Russell T Davies run of Doctor Who: Easy escapes for the heroes. Remember the beginning of Sound of Drums when all of sudden the Doctor fixes Jack’s time stabilizer in the far future and poof their back in the present?
Or the beginning of Flesh and Stone when all of sudden the heroes are on the hull of the ship?
For the sake of the plot and budget the episode runs over what could have been a great set up with the Doctor, Amy and the girl in the space suit but let’s rev the plot along and ignore the consequences because our team of plucky time travelers are being chased!
Three months later and the team is being hunted down by Secret Service and one by one captured until they are all brought together to start a revolution. The team splits up: Amy (Scully) and Canton (Mulder) go to probably the only spooky orphanage in Florida with a spooky caretaker with spooky writing on the walls that said spooky caretaker whose drawl makes it just spookier. Did I say it was spooky? If the rest of the plot was as spooky as this house I’d have no problems with this episode!
While the other half goes to pull off a stunt straight out of Star Trek Season 2’s Assignment: Earth.
For those of us not following the fan sites: We’re introduced to The Silence. A group of aliens we heard about last season but never saw. Now, we learn they’ve been inhabiting Earth since the beginning of time and now for some reason they’ve built themselves a space suit for a little girl.
Wait. What?
Several plot points about Amy and the girl’s lineage that I won’t go into right now are brought up in this episode which by 10pm tonite will probably be burning down several servers.
A few great scenes with Rory and the Doctor talking about Pond since she’s been captured. Then Pond and Rory. The Doctor and River firefight was fun including the off handed nod to Crystal Skull.
And, let’s not forget the last 10 seconds!
Unfortunately, this episode brings up a lot of questions without answering them because we still have 11 episodes to go in this season.

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