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[Movie Review] Hunter Prey

I’m kicking myself for not seeing this at San Diego Comic Con last year.
Hunter Prey, directed by Sandy Collora, the director behind Batman Dead End is part Planet of the Apes, Enemy Mine, Pitch Black, Predator, Screamers, Twlight Zone and the Star Trek episode entitled “Arena” with the Gorn in the desert. And, for all intense purposes, it pulls it off quite well.
The plot is very simple: A ship transporting a prisoner crashes on a barren planet, convict escapes and the security detail chases after it until each of them are picked off until only one remains.
Hunter Prey has several things going for it: First, it has a good plot reveal at the end of each act. The acting is pretty good from everyone. The SFX while minimal is passable without being distracting. The desert while probably a absolute drag to film in gives the entire film an alien look, the latex make up is quite well done and the music is actually enjoyable. It never tries to be something it’s not.
The downsides: A few shots here and there don’t do the film any favors. And, it’s understandable, actors in full make up walking around trying not to teeter off rocks can be hard. I did it in hazmat gear for one episode of Brotherhood and boy was that fun. After all the good latex effects work, there’s no women aliens at all? Sure, there’s Erin Gray but she’s a voice of the computer. The sound sfx filters are almost too much in the first fifteen minutes.
Overall, it’s worth watching if you enjoy small science fiction and have 2 hours to waste and looking for a movie to spin on Netflix.

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