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Day: May 10, 2011

[Movie Review] Thor

I have no plans to die today.
With comic book characters you have several tiers worth to choose from. The first level is populated by Wolverine and Spider-Man. The second level is everyone else. The third level are characters like She Hulk, Doctor Strange, Thor, and more that people have a passing knowledge of but couldn’t name the rogues gallery to save themselves.
Thor is the polar opposite of Wonder Woman but roughly the same job and the same problem: Their backstories are so steeped in myths with tongue twisting names that it can really turn one off. Both characters have been rebooted several times to make them more audience friendly and most of the time revert back to their original origins until the powers that be (TPTB) see the numbers slump and reboot, again.
Thankfully the movie version of Thor gets a lot of things right for those who have never read the comic book.