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Call of Duty: Elite…

By the time Halo 3 came out I had out grown the multiplayer since the lobbies did not agree with me.
But, something that did agree with me was the Theater set up for replaying your last game and taking snapshots or video of it. And, then post it. That was a spark of a idea that EA has picked up on and recently put into their Call of Duty Franchise.
I think the below video of screen of Call of Duty Elite, a mash between the theater set up and social media/game ladders is big step forward in the way we will play games since the old lobby set up is a little outdated.
And, with MW3 due to arrive in November, I’ll be happy to see Elite with MW3.
As for MW3 itself, I’m still on the fence. With the firing/exodus of Infinity Ward members and the subsequent formation of Respawn Entertainment I hope the quality of the game did not take a hit.
Do have a question about how much a Call of Duty Elite Membership is going to be since it’s mentioned in the fine print at the end of the video…

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