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Community, Paintball and Josh Holloway's chin…

Since this post is video intense, behind the cut it goes…

NBC’s Sophomore Hit Community broke out last year with this episode involving the cast playing Paintball.
And, if Hulu or NBC had the episode, it’d be embedded, right here. But alas, no.
Recently, the show had a dreaded clip episode.
The one great thing about this dreaded clip episode: It contained only a few scenes from previous episodes, the rest of it was from events that we never saw. Don’t ask me how the Habitat for Humanity House lost it’s roof, I dunno if it was a Mad Science reference or not but it did and the cast survived that and the St Patrick’s Day adventure.
A week later two background characters brought up the St Patrick’s Day episode and the fact they enjoyed the fact the cast wasn’t the center of attention. This is the type of show you’re dealing with. Which is why it makes it so great. Just meta enough and hey, it had Levar Burton show up. What’s not to like?

Then this year the series is ending with a 2 part Paintball episode with a cowboy theme complete with Josh “Sawyer” Holloway as the Black Rider.

I highly recommend watching this show, it’s good stuff.

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