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[Doctor Who Review] The Doctor's Wife

Fear me, I’ve killed them all.
Can we just ignore last week?
Yes, yes, we can.

The Doctor’s Wife, written by fan favorite Neil Gaiman and originally slotted for last season is a welcome breath of fresh air since: A. Amy and Rory play cat and mouse inside the TARDIS with an evil Ood and B. The Doctor loses his ride. C. The TARDIS gets a voice so to speak.
I think pretty much everything worked in this episode except Michael Sheen wasn’t on screen except his voice. Can we vote him in for the next Master regeneration?
One of the many problems in previous years was the fact the Doctor was the last of the Timelords so much so it felt like a drinking game so when the Doctor receives mail that there are Timelords alive somewhere outside our Universe, off he goes with Amy and Rory in tow.
Once they arrive though the mood drops a few notches until we reach the creepy din that was evident through out Coraline. And, handled properly the creepy din works from the makeshift people to the psychological sequences within the TARDIS.
The idea of the Timelords being lured somewhere and taken apart piece by piece is great idea and I’m glad it was used the way it was. The stealing of the TARDIS soul and being placed inside a mortal harkens back to Rose a bit but this time it doesn’t burn her out since everything in this bubble universe and all it’s people are dying.
The lackluster looking interior scenes of the TARDIS was not as bad as last weeks Medical Bay since it looked like the previous, non-descript hallways of the TARDIS. And, it covered having an episode inside the TARDIS besides the control room.
There was no sign of the eye patch lady this week but judging from the previews of next week she’ll be there.

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