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[Plotting About] Chapter 3 done.

Congrats to Warren Ellis for naming his progress meter: DEATH BAR.
I’ve been meaning to post a word count for a bit, I’m not going to be naming my progress meter.
If I did it would be: Why the frack haven’t finished me yet, you bastard. Stop watching television season finales and finish me!
As you can well imagine my progress bar is a little angry.

Chapter 3 entitled Fallout is done and now for Chapter 4 entitled: How the Frack do I universe build without making it into a giant 4 page info dump like a David Webber novel is soon to begin.
I gotten some good feedback coming in from SFF Online Writing Workshop. Good people, little odd set up both otherwise good site for feedback if you’re writing SF/Horror/Fantasy and need some feedback.
Otherwise, work continues, probably going to post a Thor review tomorrow once I get back from seeing the movie.

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